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Frequently Asked Questions

Peel Electrical Service is based in Mandurah. Our electricians can attend domestic and commercial properties across the Peel Region.

Peel Electrical Service work Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4pm. We have a 24 hour on-call emergency electrical service outside of those hours, available for residential and commercial clients as well as real estate agencies and property managers.

A 12-month warranty applies to all labour completed by Peel Electrical Service. Parts are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and repair/replacement is made at the manufacturer’s discretion. If you do have any concerns with our workmanship or a product we’ve installed, please get in touch with us.

We provide rapid response assistance for customers who require an electrician in the event of an electrical fault. If you have an urgent electrical problem, please contact our office ASAP and we’ll let you know how soon we can attend.

An estimate is an approximate pricing of your job’s cost. We draw on our extensive industry experience and knowledge to give you our honest estimate of the likely cost. Our estimates are based on a typical scenario and the actual price you pay may be higher or lower than the estimate provided.
A quote is the agreed price that you will actually pay for the work to be completed. It’s based on an on-site assessment conducted by the senior electrician prior to commencing the job. We need to take a look at the job site and understand all the variables before we can issue a definitive quote but are happy to give an estimate when you make an enquiry with us.

  • Ovens
  • Electric cooktops including induction and ceramic
  • Rangehoods
  • Hot water systems
  • Commercial electrical appliances
  • Water bores

Unfortunately, we are unable to repair microwaves, fridges, dishwashers, washing machines or any gas appliances. For other household appliance repairs, the manufacturer or retailer of the product should be able to recommend the best course of action.

Call Western Power immediately on 13 13 51 and they will send a crew out as soon as possible to investigate. Do not touch the appliance or location of the shock again until Western Power has confirmed your property is safe.

It is important that once an electric shock / tingle has been experienced and reported, do not touch or ‘re-test’ the location of the incident again.

Where shocks are received from any metalwork such as taps, switchboards or appliances, remain clear of all other metallic equipment at the property until Western Power can attend.

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Peel Electrical Service work Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.