Take a peek at some of the things we have done in conjunction with Western Power Service team.

Western Power SACS & CCS Restricted Accreditation.

Peel Electrical has a trained team of professionals who will install underground cables and mains supply to connect your home wiring with the metering box. And we get this all done quickly and effectively minus any hassle and unnecessary delay!

Peel Electrical Service is SACS Accredited which is one of the main methods (Schemes) Western power use to allow metered connections, connect to our network.


Western Power Meter installation is only managed by a handful of selected electrical service providers in Australia, and Peel  Electrical is one of them. Our experienced support staff completes the installation and wring of Western Power metering service in your home complying with the industrial standards and scheme defined by Western Power. Not just meter installation, but meter change or repair can also be completed by electrical contractors that are accredited by Western Power to operate in your area.

Peel Electrical makes it all easy and hassle free for you, so you can move into your new home without any problems! 

Some of the services we can help you with ;

  • Tempory Power 
  • Underground Power 
  • Meter Change Over 

Need a Electrician ? Drop Us A Line

Simply provide your preferred dates and time slot for the job and and we will confirm a time and date with you ,If this date/time frame is not possible we will contact you prior to confirming your appointment.

Peel Electrical Service work Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4pm.
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