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At Peel Electrical Service, our licensed commercial electricians are ready to take care of all your requirements. From general maintenance, electrical inspections and repairs through to full shop fit outs, our hardworking team never fails to delivers exceptional results.  We are also able to install security and flood lighting systems for commercial properties in the Peel Region. 

Peel Electrical Service offers a full range of electrical services.

We can help keep your properties compliant with current legal standards by completing electrical safety checks and full electrical inspections, ensuring your business, warehouse or facility meets all legal safety requirements. We keep up to date with every development in the electrical industry, ensuring we can assist Peel Region businesses with the most current information and timely advice.

Partner with us to develop a customised electrical maintenance schedule for your organisation, tailored to your internal OHS policies and industry requirements. Using our established processes and years of experience delivering business electrical services in Mandurah, we make maintaining an electrical system easy and stress-free.

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Shop Fit Outs – Specialists in Retail & Commercial Electrical Installation

Peel Electrical specialises in retail fit outs and has a brilliant track record across a huge range of industries. We’ve worked with a wide variety of commercial clients, from large Australian chains needing to fit out their latest branch to small independent retailers based here in the Peel Region. 

Whatever the size of your business, Peel Electrical Service can install your shop’s electrical circuitry, appliances and lighting with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

We love to support small business in Mandurah and surrounds, meaning we’re dedicated to designing a custom electrical and lighting setup that fits your budget. 

With access to great value suppliers across commercial lighting products and other electrical components, we offer extremely competitive rates on electrical fit outs and shop lighting in Mandurah and surrounding regions.

The quality of our work is second-to-none – including more expensive competitors – and we guarantee to deliver stunning results for your business or other commercial property. 

Having completed countless commercial installations (with just a selection shared below) our licensed electricians have the knowledge, skills and experience to get your project completed on time and on budget.

While we usually perform our commercial electrical services in the Peel Region, Western Australia, our reputation is well-known across Australia. 

This means we’ve been invited to complete shop fit outs around Australia, with many happy repeat clients.

Some of the store fit outs we’ve successfully completed include:

    • Flipout Fit (Mandurah)
    • P&N Bank (Bunbury)
    • Hello World (Claremont, Mandurah)
    • Jetts Gym (Greenfields, Mandurah, Butler)
    • Games World (Mandurah, Rockingham, Carousel, Southland VIC, Doncaster VIC, Highpoint VIC)
    • Steppies (Cannington)
    • Australian Geographic (Morley, Midland, Cockburn)
    • Anytime Fitness (High Wycombe)
    • Razor For Men (Kwinana)
    • Lane Ford Workshop (Mandurah)
    • House of Ernest (Perth)
    • Perfume Studio (Claremont)
Here’s What Our Client Say about Us
Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

Commercial Test & Tag Services – Peel Region

Australian businesses have a legal obligation to make sure that all electrical appliances and equipment is regularly tested to ensure safety in the workplace. Test and tag inspections must be carried out by a competent & qualified professional. 

You can trust the professional team at Peel Electrical to take care of all your test and tag requirements with efficiency. We make meeting your test and tag obligations quick, easy and cost-effective so you can get on with your day-to-day operations. 

Peel Electrical has a team of electricians that can come to your workplace and test and tag all your devices according to the latest safety standards. All items that have been checked and passed are then fitted with a tag. We offer regular test and tag maintenance programs to ensure that your business is always up to date, giving you confidence your workplace is always OHS compliant.
We can also carry out more frequent electrical inspections on high-risk equipment and can customise all of our commercial safety programs to suit your organisation’s needs.

Test & Tag Intervals in WA

How often your business needs to conduct a test & tag program depends on your industry and the way your equipment is used. Your business may also have specified test & tag intervals included in official OHS policy, particularly if it’s a subsidiary or part of a franchise or chain. 

In construction or demolition fields, it’s recommended that test and tag procedures are carried out every 3 months. In factories, warehouses and other production facilities, testing and tagging every 6 months is the recommended frequency. 

For all other environments, test and tag frequencies are set according to specific risk management procedures. Where equipment or power supply cords are frequently subject to flexing or wear, it’s recommended that you ‘test and tag’ yearly. If equipment and power cords aren’t under strain, carrying out a full ‘test and tag’ routine every 5 years is considered best practice. 

Emergency Lighting & Emergency Exit Signage

Peel Electrical offers a comprehensive range of emergency lighting services in the Peel Region. Our licensed electricians can install, repair, inspect and maintain your commercial property’s emergency lighting at cost-effective rates.

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for commercial premises in Western Australia. To meet Australian standards, emergency exit lights and signage must operate effectively for at least 90 minutes without mains power, ensuring everyone in the building has time to escape in an emergency.

Our emergency lighting and emergency exit services include: 

How often should emergency lighting be tested?

According to Australian standard AS2293.2, emergency lighting should be tested & inspected at least every every six months. You’ll need a qualified technician or electrician to inspect and test emergency lighting properly. 

Peel Electrical Service offers affordable emergency lighting services in the Peel Region, available to a full range of commercial properties and businesses. We can partner with businesses to set up a regular arrangement for emergency light testing along with other electrical maintenance and inspection requirements, providing a stress-free solution to keep your business on top of all workplace safety requirements. 

To find out more about our commercial electrical safety services for Peel Region businesses – including emergency exit lighting and other commercial OHS needs – have a chat to our friendly staff. 

Other Commercial & Business Electrical
Services We Offer

Commercial Property Compliance Testing

Ensuring a commercial property or office is safe and complies with WA regulations is more than just a legal obligation. Ensuring a workplace electrical system is 100% safe is a key responsibility of property owners and managers, ensuring both employees and customers are safe from harm on the premises.

Peel Electrical Service is experienced in performing commercial property compliance testing, including RCD testing and smoke alarm testing as required by law. These inspections and certification are essential before buying, leasing or selling a commercial building or precinct. 

You can count on our skilled electricians for property compliance inspections in the Peel Region, completed promptly and professionally. We’ll also issue a certificate to confirm the property’s electrical systems are safe and compliant, providing you with all the necessary documents for settlement.  

To enquire or book an appointment for commercial property compliance testing, get in touch with our office or make a booking via the website.

Western Power Connections

After 35 years as Mandurah’s best electrical contractor, we’re experienced at dealing with Western Power to get your new commercial development connected. We’re proud to say we have Western Power SACS and CCS Restricted accreditation, one of only a few electrical contractors in Western Australia with such an extensive qualification. 

Peel Electrical has a trained team of professional electricians who will install underground cables and mains supply to connect your premises with the metering box. Drawing on our extensive experience, we get the job done quickly and effectively, without any hassle and unnecessary delay. 

The highly skilled team at Peel Electrical are the go-to electricians for commercial power connection in the Mandurah region. 

Peel Electrical Services - Western Power Accredited


Peel Electrical has a trained team of professionals who will install underground cables and mains supply to connect your home wiring with the metering box. And we get this all done quickly and effectively minus any hassle and unnecessary delay!

Western Power Meter Installations in the Peel Region

Western Power meter installation is managed by only a handful of selected electrical service providers in Australia, and Peel Electrical is one of them. Our experienced electrical contractors complete the installation and wiring of Western Power meters for your commercial property, complying with the industrial standards and scheme defined by Western Power. 

Peel Electrical Service is fully qualified and accredited to assist with:

Our team of Mandurah commercial electricians is professional, punctual and demonstrate exceptional workmanship on each and every job. And with a staffed office backing up our team on the ground, we’re able to handle communication with other trades and Western Power without inconvenient back-and-forth. We aim to make all commercial and business power connections easy and hassle free, allowing the property to reach the sale or rental market sooner.

To find out more or book an electrician for your commercial property power connection, contact us or reserve your appointment time via the website.

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